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Survey: Asian mobile Internet is the fastest

06/22/2017 - 12:23

According to the analytical company OpenSignal, which studied data on the mobile Internet in 75 countries, every fifth of the countries already have available 4G-networks with a speed of more than 30 MB/s.

LTE (4G) is currently the fastest option for wireless Internet access from mobile devices - the average speed is 16.2 MB/s, while 3G provides only 4.4 MB/s, and mobile Wi-Fi - 8.8 MB/s. The research company OpenSignal studied 4G networks in 75 countries, having carried out 19.5 billion tests on 558.3 thousand smart phones. 

South Korea and Singapore have traditionally been the countries with the most developed mobile Internet technologies. In South Korea, the Internet in LTE networks at a speed of 43.5 MB/s is available in 96.4% of the country's territory, in Singapore - 82.1% of the territory, with a speed of 45.6 MB/s. Norway, Hungary and the Netherlands are lagging behind the leaders. The US climbed from the 10th to the 4th place in terms of Internet access for half a year, yet the country took only 59th place in terms of mobile Internet speed (14.9 MB/s). 

if we take into account only availability of the Internet 4G, then the leaders are South Korea, Japan and Norway. Taiwan and Hungary appeared in the top ten for the first time. India also demonstrated a serious growth. Compared to the previous rating, the country climbed nine positions, and is on the 15th place now. Mobile operator Jio launched the LTE network in India in September 2016, and by March 2017 the number of its users exceeded 100 million subscribers. 

Mobile Internet technologies in Europe are developed somewhat worse - Germany, France and Ireland are closer to the end of the list with an Internet accessibility indicator of less than 60%. The access to 4G networks is the most difficult in Sri Lanka, Ecuador, Ireland, Pakistan, Brazil and the Philippines. In general, availability of mobile high-speed Internet in the countries surveyed is growing: the Internet accessibility threshold was more than 80% in only 11 countries in 2016; now the number amounted to 16. 
The countries with the highest speed of 4G-Internet are Singapore, South Korea and Hungary. Together with Norway, they form a group of countries in which the speed of the mobile Internet exceeds 40 MB/s. The Internet speed exceeds 30 MB/s in 15 of the 75 countries (a year earlier there were 11 of them). The lowest speed of the Internet is noted in Costa Rica, India, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, the Philippines and Iran. In Costa Rica and India, the speed of the Internet in LTE networks hardly exceeds the speed of 3G. In general, the world speed of the Internet in 4G-networks for six months decreased from 17.4 MB/s to 16.2 MB/s.

Analytical company Tefficient also conducted a survey and found out that the mobile Internet is most expensive in the Netherlands, Canada, Belgium, Germany and the Czech Republic. The cheapest Internet is in Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Denmark, Austria and Sweden.