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Success factor for any business

04/26/2019 - 16:15

Success of a businessman or a startup founder depends on one factor. In addition, all our success, career, education, as well as personal life and financial well-being, are directly subordinated to this factor. It all depends on how well our brain is developed.

Brain training

To succeed in business, a person needs to be able to act in any conditions, make the right decisions and competently build relationships with people. For this, a businessman needs a well-working head. Our intellect needs constant "pumping". But the difficulty is that it is very hard to notice exactly when we need it. Hunger reminds of snacking time, the bathroom mirror will remind you to go to the gym. But when do we need to train our brain?

If you notice that you cannot concentrate on reading books for more than three minutes, or quickly forget about something, then it’s time for a brain training session.

Exercises for pumping intelligence

Even a 20-minute training session will be very useful - if you do it every day.

There are many mobile applications and games that help develop memory, attention, thinking, logic, and do not take much time. Brett Blumenthal in his book “52 Small Changes for the Mind” describes 4 types of brain training:

1. The ability to store information in memory and quickly find it. Chess, crosswords and card games are suitable for this.

2. The skill of focusing and concentrating attention develops tasks for storing texts and images, character recognition and active reading.

3. The speed of thinking and spatial imagination. Use video games and puzzles to develop this function.

4. To improve logical thinking there are arithmetic tasks and puzzles.

“Jogging” for the brain

Daily running along the usual road is good anyway. But you will get much more benefit if you run at different speeds over rough terrain. Different rhythm helps to keep the body in sports tension.

The situation with training for the intellect is similar. You can do sudoku puzzles every day or play Tetris, but these activities will not systematically improve your brain. You will have fun, but nothing more.

Tasks must be varied. All the time the brain encounters uncertainty or more complex levels of tasks, so they need to be changed.

Learn new things every day. Do not be afraid to learn games that have not been played before. Try ready-made intelligence training on the Internet. Learn new card games or buy a new board game to play with friends. New rules and new impressions keep the brain in good shape.

Brain training program

Training will be more fruitful if it’s systemic. It is better when you create your own program, but now there are a lot of great online versions that have worked well. It remains only to choose the one that is perfect for you.

Pay attention to the following indicators.

1. A wide selection of tasks. One game will not benefit your brain, even if you become a winner. The program should have several workouts for development of the same brain function. In other words, you can play different games to develop memory.

2. The difficulty of training increases. If you play at the same level, it will not be interesting to you or your brain. You need to perform complex tasks and face the unknown. Then there will be a real development, not a waste of time.

3. Limited time. Time limits make the brain think faster and focus on the task.

Instead of games

Not only games and mental training programs can keep your intellect high. Here are three more ways that you can easily use in everyday life.

Consider simple math operations in the mind. The calculator will quickly wean the brain to perform mathematical calculations. However, calculating in mind helps maintain the mobility of the mind. Therefore, delete the Calculator from your smartphone and count tips in restaurants, prices, discounts and other things by yourself.

Learn a new word every day. Download an application to your phone and learn new words. Try to use a new word at least three times a day. Not only will this keep your mind sharp, but will also improve your speech.

Learn poems or memorize songs. Even if you are far from poetry and sing poorly, memorization helps keep your memory high. It’s enough to learn one poem every week to train your mind.

Based on “52 Small Changes for the Mind” by Brett Blumenthal

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