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Study: China sets to reduce dependence on coal imports

04/25/2022 - 10:03

According to a report published in the scholarly journal Joule, China is creating internal transportation infrastructure to distribute local coal and minimize reliance on energy imports.

V.T. Polywoda
V.T. Polywoda
China's coal consumption will increase by 2.2 percent to 4.37 billion tonnes in 2022, according to China Energy Investment Corporation. In the meantime, coal imports plummeted by 24.2 percent in January-March, to 51.81 million tonnes.

According to the newspaper, China is the world's top importer of coal for power generating and steel production. Coal is mostly imported by China from Indonesia and Australia.

"The country is expected to reach the peak in carbon emissions by 2030 and totally eliminate harmful emissions by 2060 under the adopted decarbonisation program, which will unavoidably lead to a decline in coal usage. In addition, as part of the accepted policy, China is creating transport infrastructure to carry coal from local mines for its power plants and steel mills, to reduce imported energy supplies," the research concluded.

Steam coal imports are expected to drop from a high of 185 million tonnes in 2019 to 95-130 million tonnes by 2025.