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Study: 37% EU citizens never visited another EU country

06/21/2017 - 10:22

According to a recently published study, less than half of EU citizens travel to other EU countries more than once in five years, and 37% never visited another EU country at all.

Pedro Ribeiro Simões
Pedro Ribeiro Simões
The study, commissioned by the European Commission, interviewed about 28,000 respondents aged 16 and over.

The results showed a wide range of opinions among citizens of the 28 member countries of the Union in terms of their propensity to visit other EU countries. Almost all citizens in wealthy Nordic countries, such as Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands, traveled within the EU, and more than 65% of their citizens went to another EU country at least once a year.

On the contrary, less than 10% of Greeks visited another EU country once a year, and more than 60% never visited another EU country. The population of Portugal and Bulgaria, the other two large EU countries with a relatively low income, also travels a little.

The UK exit from the EU is likely to have only a small negative impact on travel within the Union: 40% of UK citizens enter the EU once a year, and 27% have never been to another EU country. This brings British citizens closer to EU citizens in terms of travel.


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