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Strategy Analytics: iPhone 6S is the most popular smartphone

09/07/2016 - 15:51

iPhone 6S was the best-selling smartphone in the II quarter of this year, according to analysts from Strategy Analytics. Number of its deliveries exceeded 14.2 million copies, while iPhone 6 came in second place with 8.5 million shipments.

John Tekeridis
John Tekeridis
"IPhone 6S is now the most popular smartphone in the world. It is in great request in dozens of countries due to the attractive design and excellent functionality. Users especially like ability to record 4K-video, the large multi-touch display and the fingerprint scanner.", - said the company’s Executive Director Neil Mawston.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is the third most popular smartphone on the, delivery of which amounted to 8.3 million copies in the II quarter.

Experts stressed that although the iPhone 6 model has been on sale for almost two years, this smartphone is one of the most popular in many parts of the world, including in Europe. In April-June 2016, Apple devices occupied 4.2% and 2.5% of the global smartphone market.

Strategy Analytics added that global shipments of smart phones for the year rose by only 1%, from 338 million to 341.5 million units. This is linked to the ongoing economic uncertainty around the world, as well as a lack of significant innovation in the mobile sector, said CEO of the company Linda Sui.

Apple is preparing to announce the next version of its well-known smartphone. Press conference on the occasion of the news release will be held today, 7 September. If Apple unveils its premier, pre-order of the smartphone can be opened already on September 9, and available in stores on 23 September, insiders say.

In addition to the smartphone, the market is waiting to see expected updated Apple Watch, a new model of MacBook Pro laptop, and a monitor with a resolution of 5K release, developed together with LG Electronics Corporation.