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Spanish authorities: the Barcelona terror attack is not an isolated act

08/18/2017 - 13:20

Law enforcement authorities of Spanish Catalonia came to a conclusion that the terrorist attack in Barcelona is associated with a similar attack in the coastal Catalan city of Cambrils, which occurred on the night of Friday. Moreover, presumably at least one large-scale attack did not take place only by a fluke. According to the investigation’s version, terrorists tried to make a homemade bomb in the city of Alcanar earlier. However, the house in which they were located was blown up because of careless handling.

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Once the situation in the center of Barcelona more or less stabilized, alarming news began to come from the city of Cambrils, 120 km from the Catalan capital. A van entered a crowd of pedestrians, resulting in six people injured. The police managed to liquidate those who were in the van. Four people died on the spot, another was detained later and died from injuries by morning. According to local media, the alleged terrorists had suicide belts. The adviser of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Catalonia, Joaquim Forn, however, explained that these were fake.

"This attack was in the same vein (as the attack in Barcelona). There is a connection between them", explained Mr. Forn. Recall, on Thursday at 17 o'clock local time, the van entered a crowd of people in the tourist center of Barcelona - in the area of the famous pedestrian street of Las Ramblas. The authorities of Catalonia confirmed death of 13 people, more than 100 were injured. Among the dead were citizens of Spain, Germany and Belgium. The list of victims includes representatives of 24 countries. 

Responsibility for what happened in Las Ramblas was assumed by the terrorist group "Islamic State". The driver of the car who has made a run on the pedestrians remains at large, his search continues. At the same time on Friday it was announced that a third suspect in the involvement in the terrorist attacks was detained in the town of Ripoll.

Two more incidents may be associated with terrorist activities in addition to the incidents in Barcelona and Cambrils. Two explosions occurred in the evening on Wednesday and the next day in the village of Alcanar (Catalan province of Tarragona). One person was killed and more than ten were injured. Initially, the authorities spoke about a gas explosion. However, now the investigation is also considering a version by which the bombs manufactured by terrorists exploded.

After the incident in Catalonia, leaders of a number of countries expressed their condolences to the Spanish authorities, promising, if necessary, to provide them with all kinds of assistance. Meanwhile, the UN Security Council issued an urgent statement for the press, in which he called for intensifying the fight against terrorism. "The members of the Security Council expressed solidarity with Spain in the fight against terrorism and stressed the need to intensify international efforts to counter terrorism and violent extremism," the statement said. At the same time, the paper states that, in accordance with international law, all countries are obliged to cooperate with the Spanish authorities in the investigation of the terrorist act.

The government of Catalonia announced a three-day mourning. A minute of silence will be in the center of Barcelona in the Plaza Catalunya held on Friday o. Leading politicians of the country and King Philip VI will take part in the ceremony.