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SoftBank shares up 7% after taking $7.6B stake in T-Mobile

12/28/2023 - 06:50

SoftBank's stock added 7% in Tokyo after SoftBank and T-Mobile announced a deal. The Japanese investment group will receive 48.75 million shares valued at $7.6 billion at no additional expense.

SoftBank Group's shares grew by 7% following the company's announcement that it would acquire around $7.6 billion worth of shares in T-Mobile US.

According to Bloomberg, this was the largest rise in the value of the Japanese investment company's shares since June.

The deal was conducted via the operator Sprint, which is controlled by SoftBank. It is bound by a deal signed in 2020 upon the merger of Sprint and T-Mobile. SoftBank announced on December 26 that, should the securities satisfy the conditions specified in the Sprint and T-Mobile agreement, it цщгдв acquire 48,751,557 shares of T-Mobile US without incurring any more costs.

Bloomberg notes that SoftBank will receive T-Mobile shares if, at any point between the deal's second anniversary and the end of 2025, the company's trailing 45-day volume-weighted average price is equal to or greater than $150. The transaction would increase SoftBank's ownership of T-Mobile by double, from its current 3.75% to 7.64%.