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Shell, Repsol and Petronas advertising banned in Britain

06/08/2023 - 03:28

According to the Guardian newspaper, the UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has prohibited various commercials from the UK-Dutch Shell, Spain's Repsol, and Malaysia's Petronas because they misled customers on the environmental performance of the businesses.

The ASA said that Shell neglected to disclose to consumers that a large portion of its business relies on fossil fuels, such as gasoline, which harm the environment, leading to the ban on its green initiative-promoting advertising campaign.

The regulator also forbade Repsol, a Spanish petrochemical business, and Petronas, a Malaysian oil and gas company, from advertising. According to the publication, the reason was that they didn't fully disclose all of its initiatives and plans to lower carbon emissions into the climate.

Prior to this, Shell had begun a marketing campaign highlighting plans to use electricity produced by renewable energy sources as well as electric vehicles. The regulator claims that these ads give customers the false impression that "a significant proportion of the company's energy products" are very ecologically friendly in contrast to the reality that the company's operations are based on oil and gas.