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Seven tips to create cozy home space for remote work

10/30/2020 - 03:30

At the height of the pandemic, many people work remotely and so they know how important it is to create a comfortable place that helps work and concentrate. Most of us do not have an entire room for a home office, but it is still possible to get the most of what you have available.

1. Start with the desk

A boring beige office desk is not the only option. Use any comfortable one that suits your bedroom (or living room) in style. A bureau desk is great, because when you are not working, you can lift the lid and free up space. A simple desk or a console desk will do even in a small dining room.

2. Don't forget an elevated platform for your monitor 

The simplest option is a shelf on two wooden supports. The monitor or laptop must be at eye level and the keyboard can be slid under the platform.

3. Hide what you can hide

An original folding table is a great option for small rooms, especially if you can't arrange your own private working corner. With this table you can hide your laptop and everything you need "in the wall" if necessary. Other options include a folding table built into the wall, or a folding butterfly table. If you have a table without drawers, equip it with a "skirt" made of fabric - it will hide a lot of drawbacks, from an unsightly printer to a ball of tangled cables.

4. Use vertical space

When there is little space, think about how to use the space vertically. A table stands in a corner; this is ideal space for shelves. Or consider a table with shelves or a modular shelving system for storage with countertops. Boxes and folders with documents can be wrapped with cloth and wallpaper to match the room’s decor, or you can be creative and store all your documents in a small vintage case and put the printer paper in an old wooden box.

5. Pick up a comfortable chair

An ugly office chair will make any room uglier. Try a comfortable dining chair or a soft stool. If you work full time at home, there’s nothing better than a computer chair for you. Try to find something beautiful (they are few, but they exist).

If you can't afford a chair like this, or if you already have an ordinary one, you can put a blanket on it, put a cushion on it or sew a cover made of beautiful fabric.

6. Use natural materials

They will balance out the "office" and "technical" functions of your corner. Just a sprig of cotton or a plant in a pot, and it’s no longer faceless and corporate. Modern technology, such as a lamp with wireless charging at the base, will help you get rid of the tangle of cables.

7. Make it beautiful

What is visible is sometimes invisible. This is a truth worth taking into account when setting up a home office. Nice accessories, charming vintage furniture and an aesthetic look will make the work corner cozy and comfortable.

Based on “My Bedroom is an Office: and other Interior Design Dilemmas” by Joanna Thornhill

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