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Saudi Aramco signs a series of agreements with French companies

12/06/2021 - 07:08

During the visit of French President Emmanuel Macron to Saudi Arabia, Saudi Aramco, the Saudi state-owned oil and gas business, struck five deals with prominent French firms, including one with JOSEN to develop hydrogen vehicles.

Jason Woodhead
Jason Woodhead
"We have signed a number of memorandums of understanding and agreements with several leading French companies to develop carbon reduction solutions, including an agreement with JOSEN, a leader in clean and intelligent transportation solutions, to explore business opportunities in hydrogen vehicles," it said.

Amin H. Nasser, president and CEO of Saudi Aramco, stated, "The connection between Saudi Aramco and the French business community has been and continues to be robust, spanning a wide variety of topics".

"They are specifically related to the chemical sector, petrochemical research and development, and the SATORP refinery in Jubeil, as well as the refueling firm in conjunction with France's Total Energies. In the sphere of sustainable development, we have a plethora of potential for collaboration."