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Samsung recalls Galaxy Fold samples

04/24/2019 - 15:46

Samsung Electronics is recalling all Galaxy Fold smartphones previously sent to journalists and is postponing start of sales of the world's first bendable smartphone. The gadgets will not appear on store shelves until the company finds out what causes frequent breakdowns of the device and fixes the problem.

Samsung Galaxy Fold, the company’s first smartphone with a foldable screen, was supposed to go on sale in the US on April 26, and on May 3 it was to appear in 15 European countries. However, on Tuesday it became known that this would not happen. The manufacturer announced that the launch of Galaxy Fold sales is postponed indefinitely, and "a new release date will be announced in the coming weeks." The reason was an avalanche of negative reviews from journalists who have received smartphones for reviews before the release. Many of them reported that the device broke down and became “absolutely unsuitable” after couple of days of use. Now the company withdraws all previously distributed devices to determine cause of the breakdown.

Some journalists, who received the Galaxy Fold, said that they took away cover of the smartphone’s display, necessary for its work with constant bending and unbending.

“The initial research results of the problems identified with the display showed that they could be associated with exposure to the open top and bottom areas of the folding mechanism. There was also a case when components of the device affected operation of the display”, says Samsung in a statement.

On Monday, it became known that the South Korean manufacturer canceled presentation of its new device in Shanghai and Hong Kong, which were scheduled for April 23 and 24, respectively, and coincided with the start of sales of the gadget in China.