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Salesforce, the largest business software developer, sets to buy Slack

11/26/2020 - 02:50

If negotiations between Salesforce and Slack Technologies are successful, the purchase of a corporate messenger worth approximately $17 billion will become the largest acquisition in the history of the cloud CRM system manufacturer.

Medullaoblongata Projekt
Medullaoblongata Projekt
Salesforce, a business software company, may soon conclude a deal to purchase Slack Technologies, the main product of which is the corporate messenger Slack.  Slack is valued at over $17 billion, and for Salesforce, its purchase will be the largest acquisition in the history of the company, reports The Wall Street Journal.

According to the magazine's interlocutors, who are familiar with the negotiations on the deal, they are now in the final stage, but there is no guarantee that the company will reach an agreement. Several WSJ interlocutors said the deal could be announced in early December, immediately after Salesforce's third quarter financial results report.

Salesforce is the world's largest seller of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software used by companies. The company was founded 21 years ago and is managed by co-founder Marc Benioff, who also owns Times magazine. 

Salesforce was the first company on the market to provide its software by subscription through cloud services, not through pre-installation. Salesforce's market value is estimated at $230 billion. Benioff is gradually expanding the services the company offers its customers to become a more universal software provider, but as such Salesforce has entered direct competition with other corporate solution providers, including Microsoft.