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Putin wins Russian presidential election in Crimea

03/18/2024 - 09:52

Putin wins the presidential election in Crimea after completing all protocol.

Presidential Executive Office of Russia
Presidential Executive Office of Russia
After all procedures are completed, Vladimir Putin receives 93.60 percent of the vote to win the Crimean election, according to the election commission of the region's press office.

The election results show that Putin received 76.69 percent in 2018, 63.6 percent in 2012, 71.31 percent in 2004, and 52.9 percent in 2000. 2008's victor, Dmitry Medvedev, scored 70.28 percent.

Some regions hosted Russian elections for the first time. Following the processing of all votes, Vladimir Putin received 94.12 percent of the vote in Lugansk, 95.23 percent in Donetsk, 92.95 percent in the Zaporizhzhya area, and 88.12 percent in the Kherson region.