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Pfizer's Head: COVID-19 booster shots may become annual

11/10/2021 - 10:02

US pharmaceutical company Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said that revaccinations against the coronavirus were likely to provide protection within a year, but pointed to the need for more research on the topic.

Office of the Secretary of Defense
Office of the Secretary of Defense
"If I were to make a prediction, (protection) would probably last for a year. There is a possibility that it will be an annual vaccination," Bourla said on Tuesday, speaking during a virtual discussion hosted by the Atlantic Council.

The Pfizer CEO noted that immunity begins to wane about six months after the second dose of the vaccine, and suggested waiting for the results of additional studies affecting booster vaccinations. However, he stressed that the third dose of the vaccine provides a very high level of protection against COVID-19.

The situation with the coronavirus in the USA has relatively stabilised after the fourth wave of the pandemic, which peaked in September. The average infection rate in the USA is now in excess of 73.5 000 daily cases and the number of deaths is about 1.2 000 per day.

Meanwhile, more than 80% of the US population is vaccinated with at least one dose and 70% are fully vaccinated. The vaccine is also available in the US for non-citizens, including tourists.