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Pfizer: New wave of COVID-19 has already begun

07/04/2022 - 11:16

According to Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla speaking with the Jerusalem Post, the next wave of COVID-19 has already started, but people can continue living their normal lives because to the medications created.

Marzio Costantini
Marzio Costantini
According to him, Israeli experts have seen that the vaccine "reduces the odds of getting hospitalized or dying," but not everyone has received the fourth dose of the vaccine and the harder-to-control Omicron strain has spread globally.

"I don't offer advice to governments. They create recommendations after I give them the data. A fourth dose of the vaccine is advised here in Israel, according to Bourla.

He also thinks that this is not the right time to implement the social isolationist measures that the government has used in the past.

The Pfizer executive summed it up by saying, "People all across the world are asking to get their lives back on track, and there is every possibility to do so today".