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OpenAI unveils AI system for creating video from text

02/19/2024 - 02:18

OpenAI, a US technology startup, has released Sora, an AI system for creating videos. Based on text queries, Sora can produce lifelike films, writes The Wall Street Journal.

Jernej Furman
Jernej Furman
A group of scholars and researchers will be able to use OpenAI to find ways to exploit the system and offer suggestions for countermeasures. The general public cannot currently access the software.

The business said that it is conscious of the potential for Sora to be used to create false information and offensive content.

One of the specialists that the Wall Street Journal cites claims that these programs exacerbate the issue of "deepfakes," which are computer-generated pictures and videos that purport to be of real people.

Furthermore, OpenAI is creating a tool to do Internet searches using Microsoft Corp.'s Bing search engine.