The Strategist

One Ring to Rule Your Body

08/31/2015 - 16:10

A gadget, called Oura, will help to sleep better and improve productivity, according to the developers.

In fact, Oura is very similar to a classic men's ring, but has much more in intself. The device is an analog of a sports tracker: it can monitor the activity of the owner and the quality of his sleep. The ceramic case hides set of sensors, required computing elements, battery 40 mAh and a Bluetooth module. Battery capacity is sufficient to ensure the continuous operation of the product within 3 days. The smart ring’s charging takes about an hour.

Oura measures the heart rate and respiratory rate, body temperature and physical activity, including how much time users spend sitting and how deeply they are asleep. The ring works in tandem with a special mobile application. Based on the information received from the sensors, the software can display the data on the daily activities and sleep quality, as well as make short-term forecasts. At the start, the application is available only for iOS, but Android versions are planned to be released too.

Miniature computer on the core ARM Cortex-M0, equipped with interface Bluetooth, is powered by a battery capacity of 40 mA ∙ h. It is enclosed in a shockproof and waterproof ceramic case, which, according to developers, is of attractive appearance. The ring weighs 15g.

The shipping is planned to start in November this year.