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Number of vacant jobs in London falls by 50% during COVID-19 pandemic

12/01/2020 - 05:24

London showed the most significant reduction in vacant jobs rates among major European cities: at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic the number of job ads published fell by 50%.

This was reported by The Guardian with reference to a study conducted by the world's largest HR website, Indeed. Madrid is in second place with a 40% reduction, Rome showed a 35% reduction and Berlin - a 25% reduction.

The authors of the study compared the data on vacancies on the website Indeed in early November this year with the same period last year. As for the countries as a whole, the number of vacancies decreased by 42% in the UK, by 39% - in Spain, by 24% - in France and Italy, and by 17% - in Germany. 

According to Head of the European division of Indeed, the particularly serious reduction in the largest European capitals reflects the decline in visits to these cities, including the fact that many people work from home - this affects jobs in retail, hotel business, etc.

"Office employees are sucking life out of these cities when they stay at home. Not that they are already ghost towns, but they risk becoming a shadow of themselves”, he added.