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Number of natural disasters causing billions of dollars in damage grows in USA

07/13/2023 - 03:47

According to research by the National Centres for Environmental Information (NCEI), the US has already seen 12 natural disasters in the first half of the year, with each causing at least $1 billion in damage.

Mike Lewelling National Park Service
Mike Lewelling National Park Service
This is much more than the annual average of 8.1 disasters for the years between 1980 and 2022. Additionally, the second part of the year is typically when natural disasters in the United States occur more frequently. In light of this, 2023 may prove to be an especially challenging year for the people of the country.

According to NCEI, the damage caused by these 12 cataclysms totaled $32.7 billion, which is the second-highest value in the past 43 years, and resulted in the deaths of over 100 individuals. Only 2021 had $42.5 billion more in damage at the halfway point of the year.

Since 1980, there have been 360 catastrophic natural disasters in the US, causing $2.57 trillion in damages overall.