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Nikkei: Japan is almost free of coal dependence on Russia

04/10/2023 - 03:24

Japan now depends less on Russian coal, according to Nikkei. The nation's energy businesses are searching for other suppliers, mainly in South Africa and Indonesia.
The Japanese Ministry of Finance reports that Japan bought 230,000 tonnes of coal from Russia in February of this year, which is 73% less compared to February 2022.

About 6.5 million tonnes were imported between April 2022 and February 2023, a 45% decrease from the previous year. According to the ministry, Russian coal made just 2% of all imports, down from 9% a year earlier.

Indonesia's imports of coal from Japan rose by 28% during the same time period. South African imports surged sixfold, while imports from Canada increased by two.

Russia was Japan's second-largest coal supplier as of the end of 2021, just after Australia. Indonesia has now surpassed Russia in terms of supply. Two months after the commencement of Russia's invasion into Ukraine, in April 2022, the Japanese government made the decision to lessen its reliance on the Russian resource.