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New Zealand imposes nationwide lockdown for the first time since 2020

08/18/2021 - 11:05

New Zealand has imposed a repeated nationwide lockdown because of the threat of spread of the delta strain COVID-19. These are the toughest measures since last year's quarantine. The restrictions are due to the fact that the country has detected intra-border transmission of the virus for the first time since February.

New Zealand has imposed a second lockdown because of new cases of the coronavirus, the government's COVID-19 Twitter account said. This is the second nationwide lockdown in the country since the beginning of the epidemic, Bloomberg noted. 

New Zealand has imposed a fourth, maximum level of self-isolation. It suggests that residents may leave home only for groceries, medical care, testing or sports near where they live. All bars, restaurants, gyms, cinemas and museums must be closed. Schools and children's education centers are also not allowed to operate. 

Earlier on Tuesday, New Zealand reported that it had detected its first cases of infection inside the country since February, the Financial Times reported. The Ministry of Health said three people were infected because the doors at the Auckland quarantine center opened for three to five seconds at a time. It happened back in the second half of July, but the results of the investigation are only now known. "This investigation showed how easily COVID-19 can be transmitted even in tightly controlled environments," said Harriet Carr, deputy director of public health at DHS.


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