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Netherlands city to become first in the world to ban meat advertising in public places

09/08/2022 - 07:30

The Dutch city of Haarlem will outlaw meat advertising in all public spaces starting in 2024. Local environmentalists believe it will aid in preventing climate change.

Paul van de Velde via flickr
Paul van de Velde via flickr
The Guardian reports that Haarlem will be the first city in the world to outlaw all public advertising for meat and meat products.

According to the local authorities, this action will help lessen the effect that livestock has on the environment and the climate. For example, in order to breed cattle, forests are cut down, and fertilizers used to grow food for the animals pollute the soil and water.

Additionally, a significant portion of greenhouse gas emissions are produced by industrial-scale cow farming.

Authorities in Haarlem, which lies west of Amsterdam, will enforce the ban starting in 2024. It will be illegal for meat manufacturers to advertise their goods on buses, at bus stops, and on stands in public places.

Some members of the local meat business have already started to criticize the municipality and the initiative's writers for "going too far in dictating to people what is best for them."