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Movimento Introduces OTA Updates for Every Car Modules

06/30/2015 - 16:25

Movimento has come up with OTA platform in vehicle software that promises to make driving a much simpler experience. The introduction of the new Movimento OTA Platform, with software updates with ease of access and availability, is being considered the next step in vehicle automation.

With the dawn of new age, the needs for technologies that make life easier are on the rise. Automated service is the top priority in today’s world. Starting from auto pilot, today the roads are filled with cars that have their own intelligence. With the introduction of the new Movimento Over-the-Air platform software, the Software-Defined CarTM has contributed to the process of making cars much smarter. The platform is well known because of its adaptability to put the three key elements of data, security and OTA software management all rolled into a single unit. The product was first announced during the 2015 edition of TU-Automotive in Detroit, which was held on June 3rd and 4th of this year.

Movimento is a pioneer in terms of vehicle software, known for advanced R&D and also their comprehensive post-sales support.

Movimento’s Advanced OTA platform is the first to bring forth the possibility of having software updates of any car’s electronic parts. It handles most of the aspects of the car, starting from the power train to the infotainment systems, even including the integral architectures and the different custom modules from the legacy vehicles. Apart from delivering multiple benefits to the automotive OEMs and the Tier-1 module manufacturers and vehicle owners, it is quite simple to use. The only thing required, is to install the Movimento Client Software, which enables the updates of the OTA on any vehicle ECU are efficiently and effectively managed. It is distinguished from the other methods on how softwares are currently updated as it does not require any unique brand code that needs to be installed. All these features and more, make Movimento OTA platform, very efficient and effective. One notable advantage is that the updates are available for almost all kinds of cars, irrespective of being old or outdated. It even has updates for different modules and legacy architecture.

One of the most important and notable features about the Movimento OTA platform is its level of security. It is able to intelligently assess the status of the vehicle before installing software updates thereby ensuring that the data is transferred only when it is safe to do so. This feature also enables the proper diagnostics of the vehicle, and successfully forms a bridge between the car makers and the customers, providing necessary data to third party companies such as insurance or others.

Movimento takes pride over its unique security measures, which protect the vehicle from unauthorized access and theft. The process of securing the vehicle is simple but efficient. It monitors the vehicle control lines and buses so that if any unauthorized messages are detected, the software protects the driver’s data, by aborting the system within 10 milliseconds.

As mentioned earlier, automation is the new technical standard to achieve and Movimento successfully completes the task. The CEO of the Movimento Group, Ben Hoffman, has stated that it is quite a challenge to make tomorrow’s cars driverless but it’s in the making. He also said, “Our OTA platform and supporting services can address the entire car throughout the product life cycle.”