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Morning magic: How to rise and shine

11/09/2018 - 14:03

Not everyone likes to wake up early in the morning. But what to do if your whole life consists of early rises? The answer is simple - love this time. There is a way to wake up energetic without coffee and make the morning truly wonderful.

Almost everyone wakes up to the alarm bell reluctantly, barely pulling themselves out of bed: you have to go to work, take your child to school or cook breakfast. If your last thought before bedtime was like: “What a horror! I get up at six o'clock tomorrow. I will not sleep at all and will be overwhelmed,” then nothing good will come to your mind at the sound of the alarm clock.

Make a conscious decision: every evening, actively and consciously form positive expectations for the next morning.

Try telling yourself before bedtime: “My body is capable of real miracles: I wake up tomorrow morning feeling energetic and enjoying the day ahead. And for that, I am eternally grateful to fate. ”

Put the alarm clock as far away from the bed as possible.

This is a very simple and effective method to force yourself to wake up. Movement creates energy, and when you get out of bed, it is much easier to get rid of sleep. Besides, you immediately raise the level of motivation.

Brush your teeth

Yes, you have every reason to be indignant: “What? How does this help? ”We tell you: this thoughtless activity gives you time to wake up. Wash your face with cold water, and you’ll feel better. Now that you feel a pleasant fresh mint taste of toothpaste in your mouth, the time has come for the next stage.

Drink a glass of water.

Your body is a little dehydrated after six to eight hours without water, and it causes fatigue. Therefore, it is very important to drink water every morning. Take a glass of water (you can pour water even in the evening so that the glass is ready in the morning) and drink it. So you quickly restore the supply of water, which the body lost during sleep.

Do exercise.

Before you take a shower, you need a good sweat. Morning exercise is critical: thanks to it, you reach the peak of the psychological, physical and emotional state, which gives you a chance to become a winner on this day.

A wonderful morning in 6 minutes.

Hal Elrod, author of The Miracle Morning, is confident that a productive and successful morning inevitably leads to a successful life.
Just by changing the time of the morning rise, you can significantly improve any side of your life.
The author proposes to use the technique of "rescue circles" - six simple, but effective everyday practices that develop the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual aspects of life.

How long does it take?

The ideal schedule for “Wonderful Morning” is:

- Silence (5 minutes).
- Affirmations (5 minutes).
- Visualization (5 minutes).
- Exercise (20 minutes).
- Reading (20 minutes).
- Letter (5 minutes).

Total time: 60 minutes

But what if you do not have an extra hour? You can fit all the “circles” in six minutes.

First minute. When you wake up, spend your first minute in calm and peaceful silence. Sit still, breathe slowly and deeply. Be here and now in the present moment. Be thankful for what you have.

Second minute. “I am the greatest!”. Mohammed Ali repeated this over and over and really became the greatest. Affirmations (positive statements) are one of the most effective tools on the way to the goal. Record and repeat your daily affirmations — those that remind you of your limitless potential and top priorities — and read them out loud from beginning to end.

Third minute. The practice of visualization is a mental study or rehearsal of events. It aims to create positive results in the outside world with the help of imagination.

Close your eyes and mentally imagine the day ahead. Let it be perfect.

Fourth minute. The diary helps capture thoughts, ideas, insights, achievements, successes and lessons learned. Write in your diary everything that you are grateful for, enumerate achievements and small victories that are waiting for you on this day.

Fifth minute. Reading is one of the fastest ways to acquire knowledge, ideas and strategies. Take a book on self-development and read a couple of pages. Perhaps some thought will help you achieve a good result at work or in a relationship today.

Sixth minute. Morning exercise not only helps to wake up: it increases your energy level, self-confidence, strengthens health and emotional well-being. Spend the sixth minute in motion. It can be running on the spot, jumping, pushups, squats - yes, whatever.

And, most importantly, remember - progress comes as you progress: as soon as actions become habit, everything will become much easier. And every morning will be good.

Based on “The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life (Before 8AM)” by Hal Elrod

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