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Montana Senator: 50,000 Central Asians crossed the US border in 2023

03/01/2024 - 02:30

More than 50,000 Central Asians entered the US illegally in 2023, according to Montana Senator Steve Daines, who made this claim at a news conference, citing a "high-ranking official". According to Mr. Daines, officials were worried about the migrant flow and thought that some of them might be "part of sleeper cells for a terrorist attack on the US".

Defense Visual Information Distribution
Defense Visual Information Distribution
A non-profit organization that monitors asylum hearings in the US, the Transactional Records Analysis Centre, estimates that at least 40,000 Central Asians are presently awaiting trial in such cases. Of these, 17,000 are Uzbek nationals, 7,000 are Kyrgyzstani citizens, 3,000 are Tajikistani citizens, 2,700 are Kazakh citizens, and 2,000 are Turkmenistan citizens.

Daines made an appeal to US President Joe Biden regarding the border migration crisis, pleading with him to act. Since he took office in 2021, more than 7.3 million migrants have entered the US illegally, according to government figures. The record was set with around 302,000 migrants in a single month in December 2023. Afterwards, it was revealed that 19 of them were on the FBI's terrorism wanted list.