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Microsoft's market cap reaches $2T

06/23/2021 - 04:18

Microsoft's capitalisation has reached $2 trillion, now the company is back in second place on the list of the world's largest companies by capitalisation, ahead of Saudi Aramco, according to stock exchange data.

Ton Zijlstra
Ton Zijlstra
In the middle of the trading, Microsoft shares were up 1.1% to $265.52 a share. Earlier in trading, the share price reached $265.79 per security, a record high. Microsoft's capitalisation has thus surpassed $2 trillion.

Shares of technology companies are rising on Tuesday. Thus, Facebook shares rose 2.15%, Twitter gained 3.05% and Apple gained 1.07%. Against this backdrop, the NASDAQ high-tech index broke a historical record by reaching 14269.77 points.

The largest company in the world in terms of capitalisation is still the US corporation Apple, whose value exceeds $2.2 trillion. In September 2020, Apple lost first place to Saudi Aramco, but has since retaken the lead.

In February 2021, Microsoft became the world's second-largest market capitalisation, overtaking Saudi Aramco, but in just one week Aramco was able to return to second place. Saudi Aramco had a market capitalisation of $1.881 trillion at the close of trading on Tuesday.