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Microsoft purchases London Stock Exchange Group papers

12/13/2022 - 06:12

As part of a 10-year strategic collaboration, Microsoft Corp. will purchase a 4 percent share in the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG). The agreements, according to a press statement, will enable the business to expand into data, analytics, and cloud infrastructure.

Wonderlane via flickr
Wonderlane via flickr
Microsoft stated that it would purchase shares in the Blackstone/Thomson Reuters consortium to acquire around 4% of LSEG.

Subject to regulatory approvals, Scott Guthrie, Microsoft's executive vice president of cloud technologies, is anticipated to be appointed a non-executive director of the London Stock Exchange.

LSEG CEO David Schwimmer said this strategic partnership will be a milestone on the London Stock Exchange's path to becoming the world's leading financial markets infrastructure.

Under the partnership, the parties will use next-generation data and analytics, build new data infrastructures for the London Stock Exchange and create analytics and modeling solutions using Microsoft Azure, artificial intelligence and Microsoft Teams.