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Microsoft, Sony announce joint online entertainment and games projects

05/20/2019 - 15:55

Sony’s Head Kenichiro Yoshida and Microsoft’s Head Satya Nadella signed a memorandum of understanding. Two competing corporate divisions - Microsoft Xbox and Sony PlayStation - will collaborate in the field of streaming.

Mike Mozart
Mike Mozart
"In accordance with the memorandum of understanding signed by the parties, both companies are planning to jointly develop future cloud solutions in Microsoft Azure to support their games and streaming services," says a press release from Microsoft. "In addition, both companies will explore the possibility of using current solutions based on Microsoft Azure data centers for Sony gaming and streaming services."

Sony will probably use the Microsoft Azure cloud platform for streaming games and multimedia products. In addition, the company announced creation of improved development tools, tools for creativity and content production.

A significant part of the memorandum contains information on plans to work together in a number of other areas such as development of artificial intelligence, as well as production of semiconductor devices, in particular, photosensitive matrices. One of the directions of this activity will be use of Sony high-tech cameras in Azure AI products.

The giants of the console business probably want to unite in order to better oppose Google, which announced launch of the cloud gaming service Stadia. However, the memorandum of understanding does not necessarily lead to any specific actions, given that Microsoft and Sony have their own projects in the field of cloud gaming.