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Meteorologists: Air pollution is linked to rising global temperatures

09/07/2023 - 10:40

According to World Meteorological Organization members, air pollution is a "vicious circle" of environmental issues that is exacerbated by the climate crisis and waves of excessive heat. In the past, meteorologists have predicted that by 2027, global warming could surpass the 1.5 °C threshold.

The "vicious circle" of environmental issues brought on by the climate catastrophe and global warming includes pollution and declining air quality, said the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), a department of the United Nations (UN), quoted by The Guardian.

According to the WMO experts, heat waves, an intense natural occurrence linked to significant warming that spreads in a specific direction, have the largest effect on pollution and the worsening of air quality on Earth. For instance, heat waves in 2022 sparked forest fires in the northwest of the United States and caused desert dust to arrive in Europe, which resulted in a hazardous air quality mark.

WMO experts have previously stated that the 1.5 °C threshold for global warming may be exceeded by 2027. This indicator was designated as a crucial indicator in the 2015 Paris Agreement; exceeding it could signal the start of a new phase in global climate change.



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