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Mercedes-Benz is testing humanoid robots at a factory in Hungary

03/18/2024 - 10:06

German automaker Mercedes-Benz is testing humanoid robots named Apollo at a plant in Hungary, as reported by the Financial Times.
The robots can lift up to 25 kg, have a height of around 170 cm, and weigh roughly 73 kg. They will be employed for quality control and component delivery to assembly lines.

According to the FT, Mercedes-Benz intends to use the robots to carry out "physically demanding, repetitive, tedious tasks for which it is increasingly difficult to find reliable workers."

This is one of the first times humanoid robots are used in the automotive sector.

Because these robots can maneuver in areas meant for human habitation, production may be mechanized without the need for expensive renovations.

Jörg Burzer, the director of production at Mercedes, told the Financial Times that robots will not take the place of all workers in the industry and played a clip of one employee shaking hands with a new mechanical coworker.

"For the cars we produce, we need workers, first-class workers who can handle the complexity of the associated tasks and who can make these wonderful cars," Burzer stated.

Additionally, Mercedes-Benz and Apptronik want to investigate further applications for these robots.