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Median compensation of heads of the largest U.S. companies in 2023 reaches record $23.7 mln

04/22/2024 - 03:11

According to a survey by consulting firm Equilar, chiefs of the top U.S. corporations received record-breaking median salary in 2023—an increase of 11.4% to $23.7 million.
Of the total, $15.3 million, or 64.6%, went into equity compensation.

Equilar calculated CEO compensation for businesses with annual revenues of $1 billion or greater. Hock Tan, the CEO of Broadcom, had the highest salary of $161.8 million last year.

In 2023, the rated companies yielded a return to shareholders of 13.8%.

Over the past six years, the average annual growth rate of top company CEO compensation has been 8.77%, while average shareholder return has been 12.02%.