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Manufacturing Sector in Washington Growing Despite Weakening Economy

06/02/2015 - 08:03

Manufacturers’ New Inc. is the foremost specialist on providing information on the Washington manufacturers sector. MNI is considered a commanding authority with it’s in depth analysis and reports on this sector. Via this report, MNI has reported on the impressive growth that the manufacturing sector has achieved over the past four years by braving recession. – 14 May 2015 – As per Bussiness Wire, 2015 has turned out to be another blessed year for employees in the manufacturing sector in Washington state as the rate of employment has gone up for the fourth year in a trot in this sector. Reports on the Washington Manufacturers Directory put in publication by Manufacturers’ News, Inc. (MNI) which has been surveying the industrial landscape since 1912, states that Washington Manufacturers has contributed by adding about 2,827 jobs in a year from February of last year to this year, clocking a growth percentage of 1% that paints a very positive picture in these times of troubled economic conditions.
The rate of growth since February 2011 in the industrial employment sector in the evergreen state of Washington has even bypassed the net national growth rate as while the nation has been registering growth at 5.8%, Washington has been returning an impressive 6.3%. These numbers by Washington mean that the state now is recording numbers that were more familiar at pre-recession times and not mirroring the still troubled current economy. In the state of Washington, 6,661 manufacturers employ 313,509 workers.
Industry watchers have noticed the incredible strides the Washington manufacturers have jointly undertaken to recover from the dizzy losses incurred during the phase of recession that the entire country had to sadly go through. Tom Dubin, MNI’s President has gone ahead to commend the state for its remarkable comeback crediting the success to Washington’s diversified economy, its technical prowess in fields of aerospace technology and its educated workforce. Washington State now is a ground for entrepreneurial strives in innovations and also a nurturing place for traditional industries.
Going by the reports published by MNI, the upscale climb in employment numbers was mostly led by the equipment for transportation sector, which clocked 2.4% over the last year bringing its total growth over the last four years up to an impressive 9.2%, making it the highest ranked sector in terms of growth in employment with a total strength of 52,890 jobs.
The transportation equipment sector might be the one reaping the highest accolades but the other manufacturing sectors haven’t fallen much behind and registered growth climbs for example apparel/textiles by 3.7%, fabricated metals by 2%, chemicals by 1.6%, products made from paper by 1.4%, electronics by 1.3% and industrial machinery by 1%; according to MNI.
The numbers from the Seattle manufacturing employment sector look the most promising in terms of cities. Seattle managed to climb 3.3% past year and since 2011 has soared 14%. The city ranks top in the state for industrial sector jobs with 916 companies employing 44,281 heads. Kent at 2.6% and Vancouver at 1.1% have registered growth too.
Based out of Evanston, Illinois; Manufacturers’ News Inc. was established in the year 1912 and has been an industry go-to since then for news connected to the robust industry of the manufacturing sector. MNI is viewed as one of the largest and oldest publishers for industrial information is also one of the most reliable sources around in the nation. MNI offers tailor-made solutions and advices for end consumers looking to get in touch with businesses involving suppliers and manufacturers. MNI’s subscription service EZ Select for industrial database allows live interactive databases for users interested. For consumers looking for industry specific information its search engine IndustryNet links buyers to users with focus on obtaining competitive prices. 


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