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The 6 Deadly Sins of Corporate Trainings - 03/10/2015

The article was written to describe the common pitfalls in corporate trainings. Some of these errors may be seen in a "pure form", some - with restrictions and disclaimers. 1. Order "just a training" Periodically, customers see some sample online program such as "Active sales" or "Cold calls" and are ready to organize it. Sometimes executives are ready to conduct such training, even without...

Coca Cola’s Revolution - One Brand Design - 03/09/2015

Coca Cola’s new universal design and packaging is a transformation to the company’s international marketing strategy. With adherence to “One Brand” idea coupled with excellently crafted design and a perfect balance of flexibility with consistency, the Coca Cola brand sets an outstanding example of modern and fashionable global branding. In the first week of March 2015, Coke revealed a unique...
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