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Making Wonder Every Day

07/01/2015 - 16:55

If you show consideration to others, treat them respectfully, it will finally lead to positive change. Conversely, neglect, criticism, belittling the significance of others, intentional or not, can become a cause of negative changes.

Ultimately, the only really important question is: What you yourself have changed?

Surprise, make happy, think outside the box

Passengers departing from Denver to San Francisco at 6:15 am, are rarely in a good mood. Flight passes sluggish and sleepy, and the cabin occasionally hear someone snoring. But everything changes with the non-standard approach of flight attendants. Once one of them made a very witty ads.

- If you cannot manage to get rid of a stuffy ears, I advise to yawn widely, - she said. - And if you still cannot yawn, call me and I'll talk about my personal life.

After such a declaration sleepy passengers finally woke up. The cabin fell in laugh. The attendant again requested the passengers upon arrival flight:
- If your neighbor has not yet beat me, let me first welcome you in San Francisco. I hope that you will leave the board with a smile, make people puzzled: what are we doing here, in the friendly skies?

The extraordinary work

You can change the world everywhere: on the street, in a hospital, restaurant, classroom or at home. Take work, for example. Politicians are fond of saying that the work gives us dignity. Right. However, this is only one part of the equation.

It is much more rarely mentioned that people give the work dignity. There is no such thing as a non-significant activity; there are people who do not feel valuable, doing anything.

B. C. Forbes, the legendary founder of the magazine Forbes, once said: "Better to be a first-rate truck driver than a second-class leader."

Steal as an artist

The most amazing thing in life - our ability to rethink themselves daily. Today you are able to go on the path leading to become whomever you want. Soak up ideas like a sponge. Take time to think seriously about your actions and objectives.

The more you learn, and receive not abstract knowledge but practical education, the more material to fashion a personal masterpiece you get at your disposal.

Good ideas are all around you. Look for the best examples of what others are doing. Watch and learn. And then adapt and apply. The last phrase is the key. If you only copy the actions of decent people, you do this as well, but no more. The real value is to use the borrowed ideas into practice with its adjustments.

Do what others just talk about

- There are two types of people who will never achieve special heights in life. The first type - those who do not do what they are told. And the second - those who do no more than what they were told, - written by Andrew Carnegie.

When you are able to change something? At any given the chance! Remember, no one forces you to do something extraordinary. If your attempts to become better turn into an oppressive duty, you are doomed to failure. Do what you like.

Whatever you do, every morning you wake up and start from scratch. You are able to achieve all of the desired work and personal life. Just start.

Be the best version of yourself

The truth is that every day we are fighting with ourr own potential. And most of us cannot implement it in its entirety.

- In the life of everyone there comes a special moment for which the person was born. This particular opportunity, if a person is able to take advantage of it, helps him fulfill his mission - a mission to cope with which only he can. At this very moment, it feels great. It is his finest hour,- wrote Winston Churchill.

You choose your finest hour. Often, before him only one small step leading to change. Just do these steps every day.

Practice small things - that's all you need to come to a world in which it is pleasant to live. And become who always wanted to be.

based on 'The Fred factor: How passion in your work and life can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary' by Mark Sanborn

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