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Macron proposes to create European Agency for Protection of Democracy

03/05/2019 - 11:16

Among the proposals of the French President to reform the European Union were reorganization of trade policy and creation of a body aimed at protecting EU elections from hacker attacks and manipulations.

Remi Jouan
Remi Jouan
Less than three months before the European Parliament elections, French President Emmanuel Macron presented an action plan for reforming the European Union. In particular, he expressed support for creation of a "European agency for the protection of democracy." Experts of this organization could, if necessary, travel to any of the EU members to protect elections from hacker attacks and attempted manipulations, according to an article by Macron.

“We should ban financing of European political parties by foreign powers,” he added. Elections to the European Parliament are scheduled for May 23-26, 2019.

The French president has listed a number of initiatives that will strengthen the EU. French President also included proposals on competition policy reform and reorganization of trade policy. Thus, in strategic industries, priority should be given to European companies, according to Macron. At the same time, companies that “undermine the strategic interests and key values” of Europe — environmental standards, data protection and the tax system — should be fined or banned, he added.

In addition, Macron expressed support for strengthening protection of the borders of the Schengen zone. The list of proposals of the head of state includes emergence of a unified border guard service, as well as an asylum department, which will operate throughout the EU.

Besides, French President emphasized the need to combat spread of hatred and violence on the Internet. Earlier, Macron expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that the fight against hate speech on the World Wide Web at the European level is not progressing fast enough.