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London accuses beijing of cyberattacks on British institutions in 2021-22

03/27/2024 - 10:20

Oliver Dowden, the deputy prime minister of Britain, stated on Monday that two significant cyberattacks on the country in 2021 and 2022 were carried out by organizations with ties to China.

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Speaking in the House of Commons of the British parliament, Dowden declared, "I can confirm today that Chinese-linked groups are responsible for two malicious cyber campaigns targeting both our democratic institutions and parliamentarians."

He claims that one of these hacking assaults was launched against the British Electoral Commission in 2021–2022. Specifically, he mentioned that the hackers were able to access the commission's file-sharing and email accounts. An attempt was made to extract data from the parliamentary records of the United Kingdom in 2021.

The same material would eventually be circulated in messages by London's partners, including Washington, according to Dowden, who also called for "holding China accountable for ongoing hostile actions."

The Finance Ministry of the United Kingdom placed two persons and one business on sanctions lists on Monday, citing London's belief that the PRC's cyber activity is connected to them.

The Chinese Embassy in London, for its part, denied the accusations.


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