The Strategist

Lionsgate to take its movie studio public through merger with SPAC

12/25/2023 - 02:23

Lions Gate Entertainment Corp. (Lionsgate), a media firm based in the United States, plans to go public by merging with Screaming Eagle Acquisition Corp., a publicly traded specialty mergers and acquisitions company (SPAC).

A press release from Lionsgate states that the agreement values the Lionsgate Studios business at $4.6 billion. It consists of studios that make television shows and feature films in addition to a library with 18,000 titles of previously produced media. The Starz streaming service is not included in the agreement.

The transaction is anticipated to close in 2024's spring. At that point, Screaming Eagle shareholders will possess 12.7% of Lionsgate Studios Corp., leaving Lionsgate with an 87.3% ownership stake.

John Wick and The Hunger Games are two well-known film franchises produced by Lionsgate.