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Layoff at BBC

07/02/2015 - 15:39

British Broadcasting Corporation BBC is going to cut more than 1,000 employees due to lack of funding. This was reported by the broadcaster.

Simon Johnston
Simon Johnston
BBC stated that the gap between television fees and expenses of the corporation is 150 million pounds per year. It was formed due to the fact that a growing number of households in the United Kingdom refuse television and, accordingly, do not pay the fee.

It is noted that most of the cuts will affect journalists and staff, while at the same time, they will just touch slightly the direction.

According to BBC Director General Tony Hall, this way, the company can save only 50 million pounds a year, so perhaps, they will have to go to the new austerity measures in future.

As Hall noted, now, there a million payers less than 2011 forecast promised – then, the company conducted a previous round of cuts due to problems with finances.

Hall noted that now BBC is facing a "difficult choice" because of the tense economic situation.

BBC is funded on a voluntary basis, and there is a special television fee that each family pays in the UK upon condition they have a TV or any device that allows watching the video.

Recall that in 2013, BBC announced that they are going to dismiss a minimum of 75 newsroom employees as part of the austerity program, for which the costs will be reduced by $ 1 billion. James Harding, at the time acting director of the news department of BBC, apologized for the fact that he added hassles to already difficult year:

- I understand that in the layoffs in the name of saving occurred at the time when people are already working long and hard. But the reality is that we have to fulfill the conditions of license fees, and to do more work at lower cost.

At the same time Secretary General of the National Union of Journalists said Michelle Stanistreet:

- BBC is going to spend public money on unnecessary reduction of jobs, rather than create the conditions for the staff to move to another kind of job under threat of the dismissal.

These cuts are not the first BBC journalists have suffered in recent years: in 2005, around four thousand of employees had been dismissed, and in 2007 - about three thousand more.