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Largest darknet seller of stolen credit cards announces closure

01/14/2022 - 05:13

UniCC, the largest seller of stolen credit cards on the darknet, has announced its closure. The site said goodbye to its audience. Earlier, several other similar shops had closed down. Experts attribute this to the US efforts to combat cybercrime.

Advantus Media, Inc. and
Advantus Media, Inc. and
UniCC, the largest seller of stolen credit cards, has announced its closure on darknet forums, Bloomberg reports, citing blockchain analytics company Elliptic.

"Don't build any conspiracy theories about us going away," one of the posts on the forums quoted by Elliptic reads. - It's a balanced decision. We're not young and our health doesn't allow us to work like this anymore." The site posted this message in Russian and English, Bloomberg writes.

"There's always a chance that it's actually been shut down by law enforcement and they're posing as the operator of the site," said Elliptic co-founder Tom Robinson. 

According to Elliptic, UniCC is the largest seller of stolen credit cards on the darknet. Since 2013, $358 million worth of purchases have been made at the shop using cryptocurrency. Tens of thousands of new cards were put up for sale on UniCC every day.

Stolen credit cards are sold for cryptocurrency at online shops such as UniCC. The cards can be used to purchase merchandise or gift cards, which can then be resold for cash. This type of fraud can also be used to launder cryptocurrency obtained through other types of cybercrime, Elliptic notes.