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Lamborghini Gets Involved in the Diesel-Gate Scandal

10/15/2015 - 15:21

Italian financial police raided the headquarters of the sports car manufacturer Lamborghini as part of investigations on the Volkswagen case.

The Italian company, according to the investigation, may be implicated in the scandal that erupted around the software Volkswagen installed in vehicles with diesel engines. It makes possible to bypass the eco test for emissions.

According to Reuters’ sources, the prosecutors office in Verona issued the search warrant on Lamborghini, the office itself is located in Bologna. The agency's interlocutor added that searches also took place at the headquarters of the Italian division of Volkswagen.

Italian news agency ANSA sources confirmed the information about the searches. According to it, the prosecution of Verona has opened an investigation against several managers.

Lamborghini is owned by Volkswagen Group’s subsidiary Audi, a member of the German company.

Meanwhile, the Federal Office of Road Transport Germany (KBA) compelled Volkswagen Group to recall 2.4 million of its vehicles in the country, says the official representative of the company.

The German newspaper Bild was first to report the recall of the cars. According to the newspaper, the company asked to provide motorists the opportunity of sending their cars with diesel engines to mended. However, KBA has rejected this proposal.

In addition, according to Bild, Volkswagen must set deadlines for solving problems with their engines. On Thursday, the KBA will report on the progress of the investigation on the "Diesel-Gate"’ scandal.

On top of everything else, Volkswagen was forced to disclose the information about another software package that affects the results of environmental tests on their cars with diesel engines. The additional software allows the cars’ auto-treatment system to run several times faster, it has been integrated throughout the last line of cars.

As reported by The Associated Press, citing a source in Volkswagen, other automakers often use such programs too, however, the government of the United States demands information an such software before certifying. Earlier, Volkswagen was obliged to recall 500 thousand car from the US market. In September, the group was also forced to partially suspend the sale of diesel cars in the country.

Volkswagen found itself in the center of a scandal because of problems with the software in cars with diesel engines. The investigation against the company was initiated by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Now, Volkswagen faces a fine of $ 18 billion.
September 23, Martin Winterkorn, the concern’s chairman, left his post in the midst of the scandal. Now, he is being under investigation in Germany. His place was taken by the head of Porsche Matthias Müller.

On the eve of the scandal, another top manager - chairman of Skoda Winfried Vahland – resigned too.