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LG launches new lighting brand Luflux

12/11/2017 - 14:49

South Korean company LG Display commenced the mass production of light OLED-panels of the fifth generation at its plant in the city of Gumi.

Kārlis Dambrāns
Kārlis Dambrāns
"The beginning of mass production of lighting panels based on OLED technology is an important turning point in this industry," said LG Display’s Vice President. The new plant will allow the company to improve the quality of products while reducing its cost.

At the initial stage, the plant will be able to produce 15 thousand OLED sheets with a size of 1100x1250 mm and a thickness of only 0.41 mm. Gradually, they intend to increase the output.

Light OLED-panels have many advantages in comparison with other light sources, representatives of LG Display assure. The first of these advantages is a large area of the panel, which allows emitting a softer and uniform lighting compared to conventional lamps and LEDs. In addition, the panels produce almost no heat.

Another great advantage of OLED-panels is their flexibility and, accordingly, the ability to shape it as you please. Representatives of the automotive industry, manufacturers of home appliances, interior designers are already interested in the development.

LG Display showed several types of lighting for home and industrial use using OLED panels, and also introduced the brand Luflux, under which it intends to sell panels.

According to LG Display, the average annual growth rate of the global market for OLED lighting panels will be 52% in the next ten years, and by 2026 the market volume will be $ 2.2 billion.