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KFC, Beyond Meat are experimenting with veggie meat

08/28/2019 - 11:17

KFC fast food chain launched vegan Beyond Fried Chicken with chicken substitutes in a restaurant in Atlanta. “It’s confusing, but it’s amazing,” the company said.

The menu of this restaurant will include "boneless wings" from the same manufacturer. The wings will cost $ 1 each, and nuggets will cost $ 6.49 for six and $ 8.49 for a dozen, CNN reports. The experiment is supposed to be limited to one restaurant and will not last long.

KFC's collaboration with Beyond Meat has become possible after this manufacturer of vegetable burgers, minced beef and sausages expanded its range to include chicken. In April 2019, Burger King introduced a vegan hamburger and recently included it in the menu of all restaurants in the United States. The Dunkin 'chain is testing Beyond Meat vegan sausage sandwiches and in July promised to ship them to stores across the country. According to CNN, fast food chains are testing vegetarian dishes in response to growing worldwide demand for such food.

In May 2019, Beyond Meat held an IPO with a share price of $ 25 apiece. Now these securities are trading at $ 150 apiece.


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