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Jeff Bezos to give another $443m to fight climate change

12/07/2021 - 08:58

One of the world's richest men, Jeff Bezos, last year pledged to give $10bn to fight climate change by 2030. He has only paid out $791m of the pledge. On 6 December it was revealed that the billionaire will give a further $443m to climate organisations as part of his Earth Fund.

Dan Farber via flickr
Dan Farber via flickr
Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon Marketplace and Blue Origin, will allocate another $443 million from his Earth Fund to fight climate change, Bloomberg writes. It's part of his pledge last year: $10 billion for climate organizations, which he plans to distribute by 2030. He has already allocated $791 million.

Now it is giving another $443 million - that's 44 grants. $130 million will support the Justice40 initiative, a programme of US President Joe Biden's administration to tackle climate change and support the underprivileged. A further $261 million will go to the World Biodiversity Strategy project (saving 30% of land and sea by 2030) - focusing on the Congo basin and the tropical Andes. The remaining $51 million will go to land restoration in the USA and Africa.

His total donations for climate initiatives exceeded $1bn, which (in addition to $791m) includes $100m he gave to the Obama Foundation and $200m to the Smithsonian Institution in Washington. 

Bezos' fortune is estimated at $196.9 billion, according to the Dec. 6 US Forbes, and he is second on the list of the world's richest men (after Elon Musk). For the past two years Bezos has been very interested in the subject of charity. Thus, in November he gave $100 million to help homeless families through Bezos Day One Fund, in which he invested $2 billion. He also gave 39,579 Amazon shares worth $144 million to nonprofit organizations, while CNBC wrote that saving the planet costs him more than flying into space.