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Japan's Taiko Pharmaceutical gets record fine

04/12/2023 - 11:10

The Consumer Affairs Agency of Japan has fined pharmaceutical company Taiko Pharmaceutical more than 600 million ($4.57 million) for using false representations in its advertisements of the antibacterial medicine Cleverin.

The official commercial for Cleverin disinfection claims that it is "99.9% effective" at eliminating viruses, bacteria, and odors in the air, and is available in spray or stick form. This made the product popular during the coronavirus outbreak.

"Taiko Pharmaceutical was requested to present documentation showing a justification for product labeling, and the business did so. However, none of them discovered sufficient evidence to back up the (promotional) assertions", according to a press statement from the Japanese Consumer Affairs Agency.

The corporation now has to pay the 607.440 million yen ($4.57 million) penalties until November 13, 2023.

According to NHK television, the Unfounded Incentives and Misleading Statements Act, which strictly polices deceptive claims regarding the standard, scope, and cost of goods and services, has never imposed a fine higher than this.