The Strategist

Japan's Oriental Land to invest $2bn in Disney cruise ships

07/10/2024 - 08:01

Oriental Land, which runs the Disneyland theme park in Tokyo, recently announced that it is growing its business relationship with US Disney Enterprises Corporation.

The new project would see the Japanese corporation invest ¥330 billion, or roughly $2 billion, in building and launching Disney-themed cruise ship trips in Japan. Disney cruise ships started serving passengers in the United States in 1998. Later, Disney Cruise Line itineraries were introduced in Canada, the Caribbean, South America, Europe, and Oceania.

Disney's new cruise ship will be built in Japan starting in the spring of 2025, with a March 2029 departure date. The ship will mostly travel in the waterways of the Tokyo metropolitan area, carrying 4,000 passengers in addition to 1,500 crew members and support staff. 

In its first phase of operation, Oriental Land intends to convey over 400,000 passengers, making a profit of approximately ¥100bn ($620m). Disney's latest liner will cost between ¥100,000 ($620) for two nights and ¥300,000 ($1860) for four nights for a travel through Japan.