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Japan may issue energy alert because of heat wave

06/29/2022 - 11:43

According to Yoshihiko Isozaki, secretary-general of the Japanese government, an "energy alert" might be implemented in some parts of Japan due to power shortages brought on by the unusual heat wave.

Tatters ✾ via flickr
Tatters ✾ via flickr
"A June heat wave that is unseasonably hot is expected for today as well. This results in exceptionally high power consumption for the season," the official said at a news conference.

In order to prevent a blackout, Japanese officials maintain a "cautious regime due to the burden on the power system" and advise citizens to use air conditioners, but to turn off superfluous electrical devices and lights. Isozaki stated that residents are expected to practice "decent energy saving."

The Economy, Industry and Trade will make an appropriate decision based on the situation at each interval, the official added.

The Japanese government established a "precautionary regime owing to power grid stress" on Monday in Tokyo Electric Power's power supply area. Tokyo and eight additional prefectures are served by the corporation. The temperature rose to 38–39 degrees on Wednesday, June 29 in the prefectures of Gumma, Yamanashi, and Tochigi Saitama.