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Jack Ma starts appearing in public more frequently after year-long "disappearance"

06/20/2023 - 11:03

Following a year-long "disappearance" due to pressure from Beijing on the company he founded, billionaire Jack Ma has returned to the public eye more frequently.

Ben Hider
Ben Hider
After spending more than a year away from China, billionaire founder of Alibaba Group Jack Ma has started to make more public appearances. He participated in a championship round of Alibaba-sponsored math contest on June 17 in Hangzhou, eastern China, according to American Forbes. Ma met with the contest finalists and teachers, according to a release from Damo Academy (a division of the Internet company), and they talked about "understanding mathematics."

A two-hour seminar on "Innovation and Entrepreneurship" was held at the University of Tokyo a few days earlier, on June 12, with Ma serving as the main speaker. The conference's main themes were success and management theory. Ma's address drew on the billionaire's "vast experience and pioneering knowledge of entrepreneurship and innovation," the institution stated, and was attended by students from Japan, China, India, and Malaysia.

The billionaire traveled to China earlier in March to see the Alibaba-funded Yungu School, which is primarily attended by children of Alibaba employees.

He hadn't visited China in over a year prior to that. In November 2020, Beijing cancelled the IPO of his financial firm Ant Group, and later Alibaba paid a record punishment as part of an antitrust investigation. He fled the country as a result of pressure from Chinese authorities on the company he founded.