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JP Morgan and Deutsche Bank accused of helping Jeffrey Epstein

11/25/2022 - 02:38

The Wall Street Journal reports that victims of sexual assault by Jeffrey Epstein have filed lawsuits against JP Morgan and Deutsche Bank, accusing the financial institutions of supporting the American financier's illegal actions.

Daniel Grass
Daniel Grass
According to the plaintiffs, after getting warnings about their affluent customer, the banks allegedly continued to provide services to Jeffrey Epstein and his associates. The plaintiffs believe that by doing this, they contributed to ensuring that the unlawful sex trafficking operation would carry on.

In addition to seeking class-action status for their case against Deutsche Bank and JP Morgan, Jeffrey Epstein's victims are seeking restitution from the banks. The lawsuit makes no mention of precise amounts of the reparation payments.

A representative for Deutsche Bank stated, "We believe this case is unwarranted and will present our reasons in court." JP Morgan's representative declined to respond.

In July 2019, Jeffrey Epstein was detained. He was accused of soliciting kids, prostitution, bribery, and other offences in addition to sex trafficking. A month later, he killed himself in a jail cell.