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Is it okay to ask for help in business?

03/01/2019 - 04:38

Despite the fact that many successful entrepreneurs create the impression of self-sufficient people, most of them have asked for help many times.

Asking for help is the best solution to get closer to success because to take on all the burdens that exceed your capabilities is silly and dangerous.

Here are some tips for those who are uncomfortable to ask for help, who consider the request as a lot of the weak. They will help overcome the feeling of fear and get the help you need.

Shorten the path to success

Asking for help, you overcome a feeling of loneliness and learn to work with stress and depression. Such a request helps to focus on what you can do best. Thanks to help, we direct our strength to a cause that we know well. Productivity is growing. Efficiency increases. Tasks are solved quickly, deadlines are met.

A request for help becomes a source of better ways to solve problems. By “letting” other people into your problem, you are “letting in” their vision of the situation. It may differ from yours, which will allow you to find the best solution.

A request for help will free you from procrastination

If you do not know what to do, the work will be delayed until the moment when the decision itself comes. Take courage, ask for help and you will see that getting the work done is actually easy. The request will be answered by professionals who will help you complete the task quickly and efficiently.

Take off the superhero costume

Let's be honest with ourselves. You will not be able to cope with all the tasks if you rely only on your own strength. You are not a superhero who can deal with all the problems and save the world. Look at the problem you are facing. Soberly appreciate that it will not work out on its own. Accept the fact that this is normal. And now look at where exactly you need help, and what you can handle.

When to ask for help

Do it if you do not have time. The work must be done exactly in time, and the deadline is tight. Feel that you will not have time to do everything correctly and on time? Ask for help in order to save time and maintain your emotional health. It is impossible to execute an unrealistic plan alone.

Do it if the task is not clear. Ask for clarification if you do not understand what to do. You will not be able to perform a task that you do not understand. Ask for clarifications to get started and do a good job.

Do it if you are not ready for the task. If the job requires you to have skills that you don’t have, feel free to ask the help of professionals. They will do the job faster and better. Remember about outsourcing and respect your time.

How to ask for help

It is best to ask for help in person. An email or phone call will help when there is a long distance between you, but they will not convey the warmth of personal communication.

Speak straight. The clearer the essence of your request, the easier it is for your interlocutor. Do not force him to read your thoughts and make sure that he understands you and is able to assess his capabilities. Speak clearly and directly.

Be honest. Do not be cunning and do not invent new details to disguise a request for help. Openly ask the person to help.

Be thankful

When a person has agreed to assist you, do not subject his actions to ongoing monitoring. He helps you, so he needs trust. Always thank your helpers. Tell them how much the person helped you. And do not forget to give help when you are asked about it. Take off your superhero cape and do not solve problems on your own when you cannot. Feel free to ask for help.

Based on "Helping. How to Offer, Give, and Receive Help" by Edgar H. Schein