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Iranian parliament approves joining SCO

11/28/2022 - 09:05

The bill on the Shanghai Cooperation Organization membership was accepted by the Iranian parliament (SCO).

Mahdi Sigari
Mahdi Sigari
The National Security and Foreign Policy Commission's report on the proposed bill authorizing the SCO membership of the Iranian government was discussed in a public session of the parliament. According to Tasnim News, representatives of the Islamic Council endorsed the country's admission to the SCO. The document was approved with the support of 205 deputies.

Abolfazl Amouei, spokesman for the parliamentary national security panel, stated that the future legally binding documents of the organization would also be taken into consideration in the parliament in accordance with the constitution. He clarified that Iran must acknowledge the documents that have been accepted since the SCO's founding in order to join the group.

Iran committed to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization by signing a memorandum of understanding on September 15. Bahrain, Kuwait, the Maldives, Myanmar, and the UAE started the process of becoming dialogue partners at the same time that Egypt and Qatar did.



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